Unified Communication provides users with access to all kinds of communication channels from traditional email through phone to telepresence  and web conferencing using one integrated interface.

Microsoft is leveraging its market leading position in corporate mail systems and desktop applications to bring telephony and UC technologies to this space and offer customers a new connected experience.

As one of the core group of UC partners chosen by Microsoft for their UC Partner Advisory Group (PAG), Geomant brings more than 10 years of experience as a leader in voice technologies.

UC offers benefits for organizations in many ways:

  • Delivers business processes and business critical communication in a  flexible and efficient way.
  • Reduces cost of communication, travel and training.
  • Simplifies access to relevant information and to available contacts.
  • Increases control, compliance and security of corporate and organizational communication.


Gaining these benefits there are typical challenges and customer objections to overcome:

  • Is Microsoft Lync robust enough to replace our current telephony system?
  • Has Lync better TCO than our current telephony and video system already in place?
  • How to achieve early end user adoption and change of mind set?
  • How to use Lync to drive business critical processes to return a better ROI?

Why engage with Geomant?

Geomant has proven and tested answers to these questions based on our product portfolio and service experience.

Geomant has:

  • successfully implemented and deployed custom solutions and complete UC projects worldwide.
  • been member of top UC partners (PAG) of Microsoft worldwide, selected to take part in definition and development of future roadmap of the product.
  • developed its own product set extending the capabilities of Microsoft Lync and translating them to business solutions.
  • collected extensive knowledge in customer communication and telephony solutions through the past 10 years.
  • successful project cooperation with largest system integrators such as Microsoft Consulting Services, BT, Dimension Data, HP.
  • implemented MS EN ISO9001 and Microsoft Solution Framework process methodology to ensure the highest service quality.

Offered services:

Geomant offers pre-packaged as well as complete implementation services connected to Microsoft Lync.

  • Requirement discovery, envisioning and planning of Lync server, client and network environment with special attention to voice and PBX integration.
  • Design and deployment of video, telephony and contact center integration (Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Polycom, Tandberg).
  • Design, development and deployment of custom features as well as Geomant products.
  • Implementation of an end-user adoption best practice package.
  • Creation and execution of benefits realization plan.
  • Maintenance and ongoing support of Lync and other UC solutions.

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